Welcome To Fibre Patch

Welcome to fibre patch

Whilst Fibre Patch Pty Ltd has not provided services to your company as yet, the expertise and knowledge held by the founding members of the company, as well as experience working specifically on projects, guarantee’s that Fibre Patch is familiar with your company’s objectives, standards, and procedures in the execution of services.

To pursue and seize opportunities in the telecommunication industry through the provisioning of quality fibre optic installation services, we believe that our expertise and experience will allow us to do so with ease.

The use of fibre optics in Southern Africa and Africa will enable projects in areas like smart electricity distribution and control, distance education and tele-operations in industry to be adopted broadly across our businesses and social lives, and Fibre Patch is excited about being a part of this transformation. We trust that you will provide us with the opportunity to make a constructive contribution towards this transformation.

Who Are We

Since it’s inception in 2007, Fibre Patch Pty Ltd has aimed to revolutionize the way people live and work through cutting-edge technology. Our vision statement encapsulates our long-standing commitment to empower individuals and businesses, fostering a positive impact on a national scale.

Our Expertise

What We Offer


Wayleave application for all affected utilities.

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Site kick off meetings are arranged in a timely fashion


OTDR testing and splicing according to our customer’s spec’s.


Quality signoff conducted by FP will be done prior